Lamb Pendant in Pearl with Gold finish
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Cute little lamb pendant, covered in faux pearls and rhinestones.

Width 1"  Height 1"  Length 16"  Item #12049

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Customer Reviews

by Tessie1919 (owns this product)

I love this necklace! It renews my old clothes while the rhinestones add a pretty sparkle!! Thanks for the awesome jewelry girlprops!

by Magby (owns this product)

One of the cutest necklaces I have! It looks so cute online and even better in person!

by samasaurus (owns this product)

This necklace is sooo cute, and it came super fast! I thought the rhinestones would look tacky, but they actually add quite a nice sparkle to it. Thanks girlprops! :)

A happy customer wrote in to tell us

“I love it sooooo much I'm getting the other one in silver ....btw On here the pink looks dark but its a very light soft pink but shiny and slick with itz look and touch.... Dope ring get it !!!!! Ive had this ring since november 09 which is the longest ive ever had a ring last ... Great Quality ... Love U girlprops” - URNEONPRINCESS, Jun 22, 2010

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