Bamboo Hoop Earrings in Gold
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Width 5/8"  Diameter 3-1/2"  Item #13139

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Customer Reviews

by Babycakes210 (owns this product)

LOVE..LOVE....LOVE These earrings. They look real good for fakes and Girlprops did what it do and sent them fast. Really appreciated that because I needed them for Sat ordered them Wed and they got here Sat morning. I am now addicted to this site. Good, CHEAP merchandise, much better than Claire's and the shipping is ridonkulous!

by Mari0326 (owns this product)

What can I say..bought These in two colors. Can't get enough, worth every penny!

by bamboo hoops (owns this product)

Love it!!!

A happy customer wrote in to tell us

“Only $1.99 You need to get iit veryy cute riing so iin lovee wiit thiis gum ball riing .melissa.” - Melissa.The.Pink.Barbie, Apr 14, 2010

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