Designer Inspired! Sunglasses with Half Tint Lenses! in Black
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Width 5-3/4"  Height 2-1/4"  Item #19110

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Customer Reviews

by Martini (owns this product)

These are a good alternative to the 5018s, however the frames are much smaller than the original half tints.. If you have a big face they might look a bit strange. Medium to small faces look great in these though! But It's a shame they aren't a tad bigger. My cousin always badgers me to wear my 5018s so I looked everywhere to find a copy, these are the only place I could find them under $100 so it's a bargain indeed! I'm sure she will love them.but I'd pay alot more for a bigger pair with curly arms though.

by karol (owns this product)

I love these sunnies, they work with all my outfits and I get tons of compliments for them. Even though they are very much in the style of coco, it is Jackie O I feel like I am channeling when I wear them.

by Minara

Pretty sturdy so far although the tinted area is a bit too dark. The part where the tint stops is also a little high. Nonetheless, they're gorgeous and look great :)

by KUKU (owns this product)

I ABSOLUTELY ADORE THESE GLASSES. And what I equally adore is how quickly they were shipped to me from Cali to Texas. Thanks so much! I ordered these the same day as I ordered some items from Old Navy. I got these within the week. Old Navy? Well...let's Just say I'm still waiting!

by Pink Slippers (owns this product)

Love the glasses!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

by JennyT

PERFECT FOR THE AUSTRALIAN SUN!! Heavily tinted so it's good under the Aussie sun and it looks amazingly chic. Shipping is normally fast, but USPS screwed up. However, Valerie from girlprops offered to replace them without any extra cost so I was happy! After one and a half months though it finally arrived in the mail. So beware if you're buying it for summer in the southern hemisphere - be sure to get it early.

by Sylviamatic

I love these! Such fast shipping too c:

by Tata (owns this product)

Loved the product and loved how quick I got it! Thanks!

by alexis. (owns this product)

These sunglasses are so damn cute and round! I'd definetly recommend buying them. They're simply perfect

by rezcowgirl (owns this product)

I love these. Its great how you can leave them on when you go into a store & still see through the bottom half.

by Karina (owns this product)

I love Chanel. These glasses are the cheap alternative. They are really chic and definitely an attention getting. This is a must-have item. Buy it now.

by pixie (owns this product)

*grinning* these sunglasses are supercalifragilisticexpialidocious thanks girl props!

by Hottstuff204 (owns this product)

I really love these glasses!! So different than anything Ive seen. Its hard to get used to the clear bottom, the top is super dark and a purple tint but you can still see ... Or you can just look through the bottom! All in all definitely worth it! Also can I dare say a little...

by xEvolution (owns this product)

I have been looking for sunglasses like these forever and was happy to see them here but as soon as they came in the mail and I tried them on, I was disappointed. The tinted part doesn't fit over my eyes. My eyes show right under the tinted part and I can clearly see through the clear part. If you looked at me, you would be able to see my eyes. The pair I have also look a bit smaller than the ones in the review photos. Nevertheless, I am very disappointed because I cannot find these anywhere else.

by bubblebubble (owns this product)

Not any I know has the same sunglasses as me, rally cool, love

by zeeba (owns this product)

There not as round and as dark as I thought they would be but other than that I love them.

by swagL*dy (owns this product)

The black part of the lenses is a bit purple, but these are still very FABULOUS!

by ville3me (owns this product)

Great glasses everywhere I go people stop and stare

by Kassy

These are gorgeous, They look exactly like the picture. The dark half is dark, but not too dark that you can't see, I can see just fine in them. Also I had international delivery and it came really fast. :)

by Tiff (owns this product)

Black part is pretty dark, I wouldn't wear them while driving or anything, just in case. But other than that they're great, can't beat the price.

by tub (owns this product)

Erm looks good but the view is a bit too dark when u wear it. And from the picture it obviously looks black, but when I got it it obviously wasn't. The lens are like purple instead of black. Still overall it looks cool

by Mjautist (owns this product)

I bought both these and the same sunglasses in black - they are both awesome. Fit well, and look great. I warmly recommend them! Also - shipping went fast, even to Norway. I will definitely shop at Girlprops again.

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“One of my fave earrings I bought on here. :) I bought my aunt the pink ones for her birthday last year.” - lash32, Mar 27, 2010

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