1-1/4" Rhinestone Star Stud
Currently unavailable.
1 1/4" Crystal Rhinestone Studded Star Shaped Stud Earrings! Rock these/give these!

Width 1-1/4"  Height 1-1/4"  Item #20425

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Customer Reviews

by girlprops335 (owns this product)

Love these earrings, absoutley adorable!

A happy customer wrote in to tell us

“This is one of my FAVORITE bracelets from girlprops! It feels awesome on! Like a soft metal drape it wraps, hangs and drapes beautifully on your wrist. The colors are perfect..soft Medium shades of multiple colors that go with everything. The clasps is gorgeous with the stone in the center and stamped design in the metal to make it look much more expensive! My daughter loves it too..may Have to get her one too so she will stop eyeing mine. Lol” - GenXDiva, Aug 12, 2010

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