1/2" x 5/8" Cat Studs with Swarovski Eyes, Vintage Tooling, Quality Made in USA in Burnished Silver
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Designed and handcrafted in our New York workroom of stampings made from vintage toolings. Metal stampings have been used in the jewelry industry since the 1800's. This process can create highly detailed, lightweight, and intricate designs. Because they are stamped out of sheets of metal, stampings like this item commonly have raised detail on the front of the stamping and are hollow on the back.

Width 1/2"  Height 5/8"  Item #21982

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

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“They are mad heavy, so be aware of that. These aint for wimps lol I love them though.. I've had them for almost a year and they havent even faded, they look brand new still ^__^” - mobkiwimoney, Nov 12, 2009

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