Vintage Chain Earrings, 6 1/4" and 8" Plus 3/8" Swarovski Crystals, USA! in Silver Tone with AB finish
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Gorgeous Vintage Chain made in Korea and plated in USA, then finished with four Swarovski Crystals. Entirely hand made in our NY workroom. Actual finished length is 9 1/4", including the earwire. The blue that you see in the picture is a reflection of the aurora borealis finish on the Swarovski Crystal.

Length 9-1/4"  Item #23754

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

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“I love all of the rings I get from girlprop. Always the best quality. Just wish you offered more Murano jewelry like earrings and pendants. I did not receive the above ring. Not sure if the were out of stock. Could you please send it to me when available.” - Tweety, Nov 21, 2009

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