Curlycue Big Lense Sunglasses in Tortoise
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Customer Reviews

by KUKU (owns this product)

These are a lot bigger than I anticipated shoo the curly design is even more exaggerated than I expected. If I would have seen them in person, I'm not sure I would have purchased them.

by Krio7364

LOVE THESE. You can't even tell they're not the genuine Prada ones, plus I can throw them into my purse without worrying about scratching a pair of $200 frames. My boyfriend thinks they make me look like an evil scientist with the super round frames, but if the boys don't get it then we're doing something right, right?

by Martini

I am really disappointed these didn't arrive, although I wasn't billed for them, I'm annoyed because these were all Christmas gifts, and now I'm one gift short. I would have happily accepted a pair of these in black instead, but I wasn't notified these were out of stock until they arrived! I have been very ill so I thought I'd get all my Christmas shopping online this year.. Now I don't know what I'm going to do. I can't go out, and ordering something else online is risky this close to Christmas! :(

by himsy Mama (owns this product)

Love these--wish they also came in clear frames (hint hint). :-)

A happy customer wrote in to tell us

“This actually went out of stock when I tried to buy this once, but I waited a few months and voila! I luv this and save it for special occasions!” - DaniAppleDumpling, Nov 24, 2009

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