Nickel Free Military Style Epaulet Shoulder Harness Necklace. USA! Ours Alone! in Gold
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Designed and lovingly handmade in our East Coast Design Studio of newly gold plated vintage chain. 100% nickel free!

Item #25550

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

Hypoallergenic • Lead Free • Nickel Free

A happy customer wrote in to tell us

“I love how all of the celebrities wear the wishbone necklaces. I think it's very cute and cool. I've been trying to find one for myself but all of the prices were outrageously high. Of course, I came across girlprops in one of my Seventeen magazines and started browsing the website. I found this necklace for 99 CENTS!! AHH, YEAH!!! That's so cool. I could shop on here all day. So much to choose from and the prices fits anyones budget. Girlprops brings style to everyone!” - rlharbineast, Nov 19, 2009

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