2 3/4" Bigger Boom Box on 24" Chain, GPExclusive, USA! in Gold Tone with Matte finish
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Customer Reviews

by LaLaMami23

Oh my goodness!!! Mad cute..!! I have been waiting to buy this for so long...an Finally I have it...oh My goodness!!! Nobody else has one...here...i Can tell you that..different..vintage Retro..classic. Great quality!. Iam amazed by you girlgrops. One love..l.a.l.a.

by Nezzi (owns this product)

I previously got the Boombox ring, so I thought this would go amazing with the ring. And it does! The Boombox on this necklace is huge and I love it!!! One can definitely notice it.

by coleystyle (owns this product)

Went with my vintage hiphop outfit perfectly

by erica (owns this product)

I love this necklace, it's really great.