Boombox 2 Finger Ring, Adjustable, 100% Made in USA! in Gold Tone
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Often imitated, never duplicated! Our perennial best selling 1980's style Boombox adjustable 2 finger ring! It's da bomb!

Width 1-3/4"  Height 1-1/4"  Item #14484

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

Hypoallergenic • Lead Free • Nickel Free • Size is adjustable

Customer Reviews

by MiaNia (owns this product)

This ring is DOPE! I absolutely love this ring! I get many compliments when wearing this ring. This is one of my favorite jewelery/accessories sites. I LOVE this site!;)

by -famouss.* (owns this product)

Its kinda on the small side so ill have to buy the 15.99 One so it can look like a true 2finger ring ; but other than that I love it

by Gaza Girl (owns this product)

I love this ring. I've been wanting one for YEARS! And when I came to this site I found it, and was UBBER excited. I ordered it on Sat. Shipped Monday and got it today THURSDAY! AMAZING! I've found my jewlery Haven, and i'm not going anywhere else. Ring is super cute, i'm wearing it now. It's the perfect size, just plain AMAZING! :)) Hope this helped. Love You Girl Props!

by Alie 0 (owns this product)

Retro at its best my girls are going mad for my ring. Love it.

by Carolinelus (owns this product)

I am very satisfied with this order. Shipping to Norway took less than one week, and the ring looks great on!

by swagL*dy (owns this product)

I think i'm in love with my radio! This is one dope piece of jewelry!

by babigirl<3

Love this ring a lot,but the finger hole broke off easily when I tried to adjust it.i Got it fixed so I can rock it everywhere I go & get tons of compliments! :-)

by Nezzi (owns this product)

Saw this and instantly fell in love with it. I was unsure if my fingers would fit into them (because its adjustable from size 5 to 7, and I am a size 7.5), But I adjusted it a little wider, and it fits perfectly!!! Everyone loves this ring!

by RetroGem (owns this product)

I absolutely love this ring! I wore it the next day I got it and I got so many compliments. This ring is the perfect size and you will stand out

by Purp Haze (owns this product)

I like da ring its cute and ppl comment me on it

by Melly (owns this product)

The boombox ring should be renamed the bombboxring. It's the bomb. I love it, you can wear it on any two fingers you like cause its ADJUSTABLE, I got it today so I'ma rock this ring all over town.

by Taffi (owns this product)

I love this ring! I get so many compliments when I wear it! So original and trend-setting!!! Luvs it!!


I love the boombox ring but I got to admit that $9.99 Is alot for it. I thought this site was suppose to be inexpensive.? Well this site is basically like clares but more variatys. You should have like A labor day sale. (50% to 20% off)just A suggestion