Enameled Jewel Ring, Adjustable, Ours Alone! Made in USA! in Pink with Gold Tone finish
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Width 1-1/2"  Height 1-3/4"  Item #17251

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

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Customer Reviews

by -famouss.*

I'm uber pleased with this ring at first I was nervous because of how it look online but its a pretty bright shinny pink with a glossy finish(=

by Asia (owns this product)



I love it sooooo much I'm getting the other one in silver ....btw On here the pink looks dark but its a very light soft pink but shiny and slick with itz look and touch.... Dope ring get it !!!!! Ive had this ring since november 09 which is the longest ive ever had a ring last ... Great Quality ... Love U girlprops

by hazelbite (owns this product)

Hehe!! I luv girlprops! :)