1 x 1 1/8" LOVE Pendant on 16" Chain, Made in USA This necklace says it all! in Turquoise with Silver Tone finish
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Robert Indianas iconic love sculpture in miniature! Makes the perfect gift!

Width 1"  Height 1-1/8"  Length 16"  Item #18727

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

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Customer Reviews

by glitzygirl

I love this necklace. My one problem is that the pendant fell off the jump ring when I first put it on, so I had to thread it back on and clamp it closed, but now it's good as new! Good shine, very showy, and I got tons of compliments!

by LOVE PARK (owns this product)

I bought this for my niece who loves LOVE PARK in Philadelphia. This was a great buy for the money.

by britty (owns this product)

Great price. Great quality. Fast shipping. A

by Amy (owns this product)

Bit flashier for my taste than I expected, but painted it red and it looks great--love it.

by lauk (owns this product)

Great quality for the inexpensive price! Love it!