Designer Inspired! Embellished w/ Lace Pattern Covered Sunglasses!, Adult in Black
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Width 5-3/4"  Height 2-1/4"  Item #19109

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Customer Reviews

by zhygurl

Who needs the real thing ($895 ) when you can get this one for way cheaper price. Before I got this, I thought it would be real lace covering the lens but it isnt, instead the lace area is just painted over. It is easy to see when wearing it. I really recommend buying this item, especially if you were like me finding the exact copy of the real sunglasses and/or you want something different than your regular looking sunglasses

by Fashion First (owns this product)

I love them! They are so hot! Easy to see out of...such A fashion statement!!!

by CrystalW (owns this product)

These are awesome! And believe it or not easy to see out of too.