Wire Wrapped Heart Pendant Necklace in Hematite
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An artful twist on the classic. Because love is complicated.

Width 1-1/2"  Height 1-1/2"  Length 26-1/2"  Item #19915


Customer Reviews

by ~*Tiff*~ (owns this product)

I did not get this item.what I recieved was a huge heart shaped mess and a pair or grey metallic looking ball shaped earrings. It reminded me of something you would find in a Korean hair store,but you would never buy it..

by -famouss.* (owns this product)

Its nicer than it look ; its really better than I expected &'d ah very nice/different piece in general(=

by britty (owns this product)

Much cuter in person! Very pleased with this item!!! Can't beat the price!

by GenXDiva (owns this product)

Bought this for my daughter...it's Cute but for the size of the heart the chain needs to be much longer. She liked it but has not worn it yet so I do not have much else to share about it...except For I suggest getting the bracelets in this same metal tone that match this piece. I recommend getting those because this is a gun metal color and it needs a matching metal to bring your look together. If they come out with a longer chain I will pick it up for this piece to make it look right when wearing it.

by ksang! (owns this product)

I honestly only bought this because of the price, but I love it it is soo cute! :) Totally worht more than $1.99

by iluvpurple333 (owns this product)

Amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love this necklas and it is sooo cheap I cant belive it is perfectly portioned and the Right size!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Fashionable!

by ToyaBerry (owns this product)

Super Cute! It's bigger than I thought! Totally worth the price..or Even more than the price :)

by Madmoizelle (owns this product)

Really nice but the chain is too short for a big necklace like that

by erica (owns this product)

I bought this necklace for a friend of mine as a christmas gift, and she flipped out over it. Great gift at a great price! Also, I didn't realize this when I ordered it, but it came with a pair of large dark grey pearl earrings. ???