1 x 1.25" Lion Ring, Casting, Adjustable, GPExclusive, Quality Made in USA! in Burnished Silver
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Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

Lead Free • Size is adjustable

Customer Reviews

by pepahot (owns this product)

Absolutely love this ring. I love bold and it stands out and I have received several compliments. I am a Leo and this roars!! I am going to get it in gold as well. 5 rating.

by kintainer

I love this ring. It's awesome. I wear it everyday to school. My friends are jealous of it. :] It's awesome. Silver is better than gold in my opinion. It's very comfortable and I like that it's adjustable.

by pennylane

Very very cute ring and incredibly affordable, the only issue I had with this ring is how the back of the lion sits on your finger is slightly uncomfortable..