$19.99 HEAVY! Sunglasses / Eyeglasses Holder Neck Chain, 30", 1/4" wide. Unisex. Made in USA in Silver Tone
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Newly plated vintage chain! Heavy duty and quality! Hand assembled in our East Coast Design Studio! Great for reading glasses, eye glasses, or sunglasses! Glasses not included! Quality Made in the USA!

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Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

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Customer Reviews

by Circe Boiga (owns this product)

I love it!!! I too have problems with misplacing my glasses. My husband is great for making fun of me about it. Now I know where they are all the time plus I don't look like a granny in the process.

by garota (owns this product)

This just arrived today. It was backordered, but happy I got it finally. It is the most comfortable eyeglass Chain I have ever owned. I only use it at home, because I need glasses to read and to work on the computer. Tried two kinds before but had to thrash them... Never remember where I put my glasses... PROBLEM SOLVED! Thanks!