1" Gold Tone 100% Nickel Free Spoon Necklace on Chain, 100% Made in USA! Ours Alone! in Gold Tone
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You can learn so much on the internet these days. Imagine! I had never even heard of the "spoon theory", yet customers are buying these for their favorite spoonies. If you, too, haven't heard, read about it here: 
Wear with our spoon earrings! Buy one for your favorite Spoonie! Also, great for anyone in the restaurant biz, or those born with a "gold spoon"! 
Think you can only wear gold or sterling? Develop contact dermatitis from inexpensive earrings/jewelry? You probably have a nickel allergy, and you can wear GirlPROPS' jewelry that has "100% nickel free" in its' description.Most costume jewelry that calls itself nickel free may contain some nickel. There are no government standards or regulations for using the terms "nickel free" or "hypoallergenic." Some manufacturers use the term "nickel free" to describe a piece that is merely free of nickel in the plating, but they use nickel alloys in the base metal, and when the plating wears off, even minutely, an allergic reaction can occur. "Hypoallergenic" simply means causing fewer allergic reactions.GirlPROPS manufactured items use brass or pewter as their base metal, both nickel free, and when we call an item 100% nickel free, we plate with nickel free gold and imitation rhodium, or not at all. When we say 100% nickel free, we mean it!

Height 1"  Length 16"  Item #29531

Designed and manufactured exclusively by GirlPROPS.com and Made in USA!

Hypoallergenic • Lead Free • Nickel Free • Size is adjustable