Taurus Horoscope Zodiac Hoop Earrings in Silver Tone with Silver Tone finish
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Diameter 2-1/2"  Item #7912


Customer Reviews

by feminist21 (owns this product)

Love them! They aren't even heavy and they are the perfect size!

by DaniAppleDumpling (owns this product)

Best way to represent your zodiac: On your ears!

by Nezzi (owns this product)

Saw this earring and I wanted it so badly! When wearing it, a boy I knew asked me.....

by SassyClassy14 (owns this product)

They look awesome I just love them and its just another plus with beyonce wearing them that just makes them more famous. One of the best pairs of earrings I have ever owned.

by feminist21

This exact earring is worn by Beyonce in her music video, Irreplaceable, you could get a good look at this earring at 1:03 In her music video :)

by vixster (owns this product)

I like these earrings a lot because they are a good size and have a shiny look to them.