Elegant Crystal Rhinestone Stud Earrings - 1/4" Beauties! Simple & Elegant. in Crystal with Silver Tone finish
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Crystal Rhinestone Earring Studs with imitation rhodium plating. Believe it! These little beauties have been featured in People Magazine and OK Magazine! Unisex, Perfect for men or women!

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Customer Reviews

by britty (owns this product)

Good quality, awesome price, great deal!

by loveedani (owns this product)

This is beyond cute and worth the dollar:) It's bigger than what it seems, but I think it would look cute on anyone. It's bigger than my starter studs, but I think the size is what makes it cutee.it's A classic and adds to a cool, laid back style. The only problem is that mine arrived a little bent, but I was able to fix it back without it breaking.

by Gwen (owns this product)

The stones are a little wiggly in their holders, but they're definitely worth the $.99 I paid!

by MookieBabie (owns this product)

These studs are bigger then you think they are going to be. When I put them on they were actually very noticeable &nd I got compliments on them as well. They are veryyy cute &nd if you need some studs that are the perfect size, cute and noticeable then buy these I mean cmon there only 99 cents anyways BUY them =] 5 stars from @mookiebabie .